Lemonade out of Library Visits

The topic of this post is a pretty good indication as to why I have been MIA lately. My new obsession are those little index card drawers you see in libraries. As I sit here tethered to a desk trying to wrap my head around the confines of hegemonic masculinity and intersecting levels of oppression (blah blah blah) in a stuffy, poorly lit room in the library- the only thing I can actually focus on is that row of drawers, which one I would pick and how I could refurbish it.

I do love the natural wood, but I could see one in an entryway painted shiny black with an awesome statement mirror above it..or a country, warm red in the kitchen... or maybe a soft, sunny yellow in a home office...Do you think they would notice it if I tried to hide one under my jacket??

A girl can only dream, but one would look great in a walk-in closet for accessories and other odds and ends.

Love all of the subtle imperfections

Just the drawer for sale on Etsy.
This turquoise antique wash is so lovely!

Thanks for readin'!